DV4 / DV2000 Software

Version 5.20

  • v.5.20.067 Released 2015-08-10
    • [minor][issue #89] Maid codes do not work if COS set to auto play new messages
    • [minor][issue #90] CSV export is missing COSFILE and SDAFILE from the CSV header
    • [minor][issue #86] Implement Activate Old Mailbox message in Audix protocol
    • [minor][issue #87] Duplicate wakeup calls created via inndesk
    • [minor][issue #85] Wakeup report shows 'Unable to dial number' for RNA calls
    • Added support for Aeonix PBX link.

InnDesk 1.70

  • v.1.70.21 Released 2015-01-06
    • Resolved an issue with COS and DND being changed on room edit, when the user did not specify the change.