DV4 / DV2000 Software

Version 5.20

  • v.5.20.066 Released 2015-06-24
    • [minor][issue #84] PMS Translations not working
    • [major][issue #83] IP Office 9.1 Support
    • [minor][issue #81] Add StarRez to PMS protocol selection box
    • [feature][issue #82] Service now logs to eventviewer if system is rebooted or shutdown.
    • [trivial][issue #80] InnDesk / DuVoice IP Port changed to 10020 and 10021 to reduce conflicts with ephemeral ports.
    • [feature][issue #77] Outside numbers with dashes are now read correctly for SIP integration.
    • [feature][issue #78] Add 'Welcome to VM' prompt to play at login for guest mailboxes. These are managed via InnDesk.
    • [trivial][issue #76] Source is reported as "Guest User: [inndesk user]" when guest cancels wakeup call created by InnDesk.
    • Includes InnDesk 1.71.013

InnDesk 1.70

  • v.1.70.21 Released 2015-01-06
    • Resolved an issue with COS and DND being changed on room edit, when the user did not specify the change.