DV4 / DV2000 Software

Version 5.20

  • v.5.20.054 Released 2014-10-01
    • Resolved issue where receiving a loop current drop during a supervised dial is interpreted as a connect.
    • Resolved issue with PMS Monitor crashing if left running.
    • Improved serial communication with an NEC PBX using the NEAX Model 60 protocol.
    • Resolved issue with names containing unicode and accented characters causing PBXLink name changes to fail on IP Office.

InnDesk 1.70

  • v.1.70.18 Released 2014-09-11
    • Resolved a refresh problem on all but the homepage. Each page had a timeout of 10 minutes which is the maximum time allowed to be idle. Therefore a user could have been logged off without knowing. Page refresh is now 5 minutes of inactivity before reverting to homepage.
    • Resolved problems with the error screen when attempting to create multiple wakeup calls.
      • Each row now shows the correct room.
      • The result column will now show the date and time submitted and a better explanation of the problem.
      • Resolved a problem creating wakeup calls from the error screen.
    • Changed the columns "Created On" in reports to "Scheduled On" and "Created By" has been changed to "Scheduled By"