DV4 / DV2000 Software

Version 5.20

  • v.5.20.065 Released 2015-04-28
    • [feature][issue #53] Support enhanced ACM protocol.
    • [feature][issue #54] TraceDisplay now shows log description and filename for log window title rather than filename only.
    • [minor][issue #71] Change windows ephemeral TCP port range to start at 49409 on Win7 to resolve RTP conflicts with HMP and windows (requires reboot).
    • [major][issue #73] ComPort thread gets stuck waiting for ACK.
    • [minor][issue #70] Support version 3 of SMS protocol for Princess Cruises.
    • [major][issue #69] TCP port collision between RTStatus and ACMSRVR.
    • [trivial][issue #64] Period is no longer used as replacement for number in IP Office name change.
    • [minor][issue #51] Reqeust for changes via TAPI interface cause TAPI server to refresh extensions.
    • [trivial][issue #59] Log entry for sending multiple emails does not show addresses which server rejects.
    • [trivial][issue #60] Activity log shows Wakeup scheduled for wakeup canceled. Detail information is correct however.
    • [trivial][issue #57] Activity report does not show who performed check in/out.
    • [trivial][issue #56] No longer add VIP as part of the name when not a VIP.
    • [minor][issue #52] Unable to turn off forward all on IP Office when used for DND setting.
    • [trivial][issue #50] IVR only lines cannot perform any outgoing calls.

InnDesk 1.70

  • v.1.70.21 Released 2015-01-06
    • Resolved an issue with COS and DND being changed on room edit, when the user did not specify the change.