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The once separate worlds of voicemail and E-mail have merged into one. DuVoice makes a family of products that help to combine these media into a single Unified Messaging solution. DV4 provides a cost-effective solution for even the smallest organizations while DV2000 serves the needs of larger enterprise users.


  • 4 – 64 ports voice mail & auto attendant
  • 5000+ hours Storage
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10, Server 2008, and Server 2012
  • 250 or 5000 Mailboxes
  • Unified Messaging
    • on any network
    • with any SMTP and POP3 E-mail service
    • No client software required
  • Works with or without E-mail
  • Scheduled notification to multiple pager or
    telephone numbers on urgent or all messages
  • Multiple personal greetings by schedule
  • Archived message folders (10)
  • Undelete messages (for 24 hours after initial deletion)
  • Pause, rewind, fast forward, adjustable speed and volume during playback
  • Forward / Reply to messages with comment
  • Forward messages to distribution groups
  • Append to messages
  • Time, date, and message source stamp
  • Auto copy messages to other mailboxes
  • Interview / Q&A mailbox
  • FIFO or LIFO stored message
  • Dozens of PBX integrations
  • IVR applications available
  • Very easy installation
  • One year warranty

Automated Attendant

As with all DuVoice products, DV4-DV2000 provides flexible automated attendant applications. Using the convenient GUI, an administrator can create or change call routing and applications at the click of a mouse. Supports unlimited automated attendants for multiple applications within a business or for multiple businesses sharing a single voice mail system. You can even configure partitions between locations.

  • Single digit dialing system menus
  • Powerful unlimited menu trees
  • Audiotext (informational) mailboxes
  • Day and Night greeting by schedule
  • System holiday greeting by schedule
  • Routing by date and time
  • First and last name directory
  • Powerful multiple tenant and partitioning
  • Interruptible voice prompts
  • Multiple tenant with separate greetings, schedules and dial by name directories for each tenant.

Unified Messaging

DV4-DV2000 can automatically send voice messages to E-Mail. We call this feature VeMail.

UM Voice Mail

DV4-DV2000 makes a copy of each of your voice mail messages and delivers them directly to your E-mail inbox as a .wav file attachment. Play your voice messages on any PC or laptop with a sound card—no client software is required. When you’re done with the message, just reply to the VeMail message and DV4-DV2000 will automatically remove it from your voice mailbox.

Unified Messaging In the Office

  • All messages in one pace You need only look in your Email client to receive all voice mail, fax, and Email messages.
  • You can forward VeMail messages to anyone who can receive Email. Share messages with colleagues, suppliers, and customers.
  • Save high value messages One can manage only a limited number of voice mail messages in a traditional voice mailbox. Since VeMail messages can be labeled, kept in specific folders, sorted and searched for, they are ideal for long term storage.
  • Optimize record-a-call If your telephone system supports record-a-call features, VeMail makes it easy to store and retrieve recorded conversations by date & time, or file name. Even if your telephone system does not have a built-in record-a-call feature, DuVoice can enable a useful facsimile of this feature on many switches.

Unified Messaging Outside the Office

  • Telecommuters enhance productivity with instant delivery of messages to Email.
  • Reduce Overhead by limiting the use of the telecommuter’s home telephone line, office trunks and office voice mail ports for message retrieval. With VeMail, messages are delivered for ‘free’ over the internet.
  • Travelers save on cell phone / long distance Travelers get voice mail automatically when they get their Email.
  • Review Email even when airborne If the traveler keeps copies of Email on his or her PC, saved messages can be reviewed even when away from phones or the Internet.

Mobility Features

When you are on the road, DuVoice has developed mobility features to make live easier for mobile telephone users.

  • Transfer to a users cellular telephone In your DuVoice voice mailbox, you can give callers the option to press a key and be immediately transferred to your mobile telephone.
  • A Mobile users can her office and listen to all messages without pressing a key:
    • Auto log in* When you call in on your cell phone, DuVoice will recognize your cellular telephone number, automatically log you into your mailbox, and bypass your password.
    • Auto playback
    • Upon log in, DuVoice can be programmed to immediately play new messages
    • Once the message plays, it automatically skips to the next one (unless you elect to save or delete)
    • LIFO playback DuVoice can be configured to play the latest message first. That way, if you’ve previously skipped a message, you will hear new messages first.