Hospitality Solutions

Guest takes room key card at check-in desk of hotel, close up

What we do:
Duvoice provides legacy or IP PBX (premise or hosted) systems the necessary features to meet all hospitality applications, including PMS to PBX interface, housekeeping status, wakeup calls, guest messaging, staff unified messaging, a web console for staff, auto attendant, and mini bar refill software.

PMS Interface Features

The DuVoice PMS interface allows a single interface for automatic control over the guest room telephones and voice messaging system.

PMS Systems Supported

Interface Summary:

  • IP or serial interface to the PMS system

Check In

  • Enable room mailbox
  • Deliver welcome message (optional)
  • Turn on long distance dialing COS *
  • Guest name to telephone system *
  • Guest Language
  • Set Wake Up Call

Room Move

  • Move messages to the new room
  • Move scheduled wakeup calls

During Stay

  • Receive ‘call front desk’ messages
  • Set wake up calls

Check Out

  • Disable mailbox
  • Archive messages
  • Extinguish message waiting light
  • Remove wakeup calls for that room
  • Archive wake up call data
  • Remove any personal greetings
  • Remove any personal password
  • Reset extended stay class of service
  • Turn off long distance dialing COS *

Room Status

  • Pass room clean/dirty status +
  • Multiple status codes “repair, etc.”

Data Swap

  • Data synchronization
  • Auto creation of guest mailboxes

Wakeup Calls

With a few keystrokes, guests can schedule their own wakeup calls on their room phones. User friendly prompts walk them through the process and play a confirmation of the time and date. Guests can even set multiple wake-up calls for the same room.

Hotel staff can also schedule wakeup calls for the guests, either by touch-tone commands on the telephone set, or through InnDesk with a point and click interface on any PC on the network.

A friendly call Unlike other systems that simply ring the phone, DuVoice plays a custom wakeup greeting when the guest answers. This greeting can be changed daily if desired. Guests can even specify one or more ‘snoozes’ after the initial wakeup call.

Reports Hotel staff has access to detailed reports on wake-up call activity.

  • Pending Wakeup Report shows all scheduled calls.
  • Failed Wakeup shows all rooms where wake-up calls were not answered by the guest.
  • Wakeup Report shows all wakeup activity for a specific room; including when calls were scheduled, who scheduled the calls as well as the result of completed calls.

Failed Wakeup Alert In the event a wakeup call is not answered by the guest, the system will place an automated call to a pre-determined location to alert staff of the failed wakeup call.


In addition to automatic check-in / check-out from the PMS, staff can also manage guest rooms with an easy to use point and click web based interface from any staff PC on the network.

InnDesk provides easy management of :

  • Scheduling Wakeups
  • Pending Wakeups
  • Failed Wakeups
  • Group Wakeups
  • Checked-in status
  • Clean / Dirty status
  • Guest Name
  • Room Phone Permission
  • Guest DND
  • Message Light
  • Guest DID Numbers
  • Guest Language
  • Text Messages
  • Individual Staff Login
  • Minibar Inventory

InnDesk Home Screen

InnDesk Home Screen

InnDesk Room Wakeup Reports

InnDesk Room Wakeup Reports

Room Management

Room Management

InnDesk Room List Report

InnDesk Room List Report

Guest Languages

Guests can retrieve messages and set wake up calls in their native language. The language can be provided by the PMS system or set by the hotel staff through InnDesk.

Available languages:

  • American English
  • British English
  • Spanish
  • French Canadian
  • French (France)
  • German
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Cantonese Chinese
  • Thai
  • Swahili
  • Korean
  • Russian

Unified Messaging

With DuVoice VeMail, voice mail and fax messages are delivered as attachments to Email messages. There are no special Email server or network requirements, nor do you need a special player to receive, listen to, or view messages. If you can send and receive Email, you can use DuVoice VeMail.

To hear an your message, simply click on the attachment to the email message, and listen to it over your computer speaker or headphones. To delete it from your voice mail box, just click reply and send.

Fax messages are delivered as .tif or PDF files attached to Email messages.

There are message formats available for PC, MAC, IOS, and Android devices.

VeMail Message Sample

VeMail Message Sample

Call Accounting

DuVoice has tested and certified the following products to work on or with the DuVoice software.

  • Broadsoft (SDD Jazz)
  • ProfitWatch by Metropolis
  • Cash by Hansen

Auto Attendant

Automated Attendant Features:

  • Day and Night greeting by schedule
  • System holiday greeting by schedule
  • Single digit dialing system menus
  • Powerful unlimited menu trees
  • Audiotext (informational) mailboxes
  • Routing by date and time
  • First and last name directory
  • Powerful multiple tenant and partitioning
  • Professional Voice Talent Available
  • Off premise transfer to cell phone or 800#