Emergency Alerts

An emergency department sign.

Emergency Alert System For Avaya IP Office

DuVoice EAS software utilizes Avaya’s proprietary IP Office monitors outbound call traffic on IP Office and identifies all calls made to 911 in real time. Any calls to 911 trigger a series of immediate alarms.

Why have EAS?

  • Know where calls originate to provide immediate assistance in an emergency.
  • Know where to direct professional responders in an emergency.
  • Limit abuse and false alarms.
  • Limit your organization’s legal liability
  • Create additional non-911 “Panic But-ton” numbers for internal only emergency notification.

Who needs EAS?

  • Schools and Campuses
  • Hotels.
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retirement Communities
  • Offices
  • Everyone needs EAS!

Notification Techniques:

Automated Call Out: The DuVoice system places a call to a specified extension. Upon answer, the system announces the fact that an emergency call has been made and identifies the calling extension.

Email Notification: An Email containing details about the event is automatically sent to a specified address. Critical information such as floor, room number, etc. can be included.

SMS—Text Messaging: An SMS message can be sent via Email to most cellular services.