Software Support Warranty

Annual support and warranty agreements are available from DuVoice. Contact you reseller or DuVoice representative for more information.

Software Support

  • Installation technicians and end users receive unlimited technical support from DuVoice for the system.
  • Technicians and End Users have access to all pre-recorded and scheduled live web-based training from DuVoice.
  • Systems covered by the software support are eligible for upgrades to the latest software as it is released.

Hardware Warranty

  • The hardware warranty covers failures and defects in DuVoice supplied hardware and software for 12 months.
  • Parts Availability DuVoice maintains an inventory of replacement components for all systems eligible for coverage under this plan.
  • Advanced Replacement Once DuVoice technicians have identified a hardware problem, we will ship the replacement part directly to the site.

Extended Support Warranty

The Extended Hardware Warranty continues the initial 12 month warranty covering failures and defects in DuVoice supplied hardware and software. Annual End User cost starts at 5% of MSRP per year.

Parts Availability DuVoice maintains an inventory of replacement components for all systems eligible for coverage under this plan.

Advanced Replacement Once DuVoice technicians have identified a hardware problem, we will ship the replacement part directly to the site.


5.20.75 Released

  • [minor][issue #134] Ability to both call and email the operator for wakeup calls. Also modified to ensure calls to the operator are in the language assigned to the operator mailbox, not the guest’s mailbox.

5.20.74 Released

  • [feature][issue #132] Cisco UCM PBXLINK sends soft reset command for phone to PBX on change.
  • [feature][issue #130] Ability to email operator of pending wakeup call.
  • [minor][issue #131] Cisco UCM PBXLINK userLocale not being changed properly.
  • [minor][issue #124] Spaces in PMS usernames cause first and last name to be wrong.
  • Inndesk 1.71.18

Remove Legal Notice – Pre-Login message

The install for several versions added information about the system on the Legal Notice screen in order for staff to know the purpose of a system and it’s serial number in cases they could not login. This feature was removed from the install in 5.20.73. It will be re-added as an option in System Configuration therefore we do not remove it during updates if it has already been set.

This feature was removed due to the fact some call accounting sites must not require a user to login and this screen blocks the startup of those applications but not the voicemail.

Text can be removed by either deleting or blanking the following:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE “Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System” “legalnoticecaption”

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE “Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System” “legalnoticetext”

5.20.73 Released

  • [minor][issue #128] Unable to set method for Gateway notifications.
  • [feature][issue #125] Cisco UCM PBXLINK support for setting user locale.
  • [minor][issue #129] No longer add license information to pre-login screen. Resolves problems on systems when logon security has been removed for call accounting.
  • InnDesk 1.71.17

Cisco UCM PBXLINK Phone user locale

Changing a phones locale is optional and must be configured manually. This features is only useful when using digital phones in a room.

The locale for a phone is set each and every time we make a change to the Cisco. If a room is configured for the Default language the system will read the current Default language number and attempt to use that.

If a matching number is not found in sysconfig.ini then no change will be made. Settings are read for each change sent to the Cisco and a restart is not needed. The values for each language are based on settings located in the Cisco UCM.

  1. Open the file c:\duvoice\database\sysconfig.ini.
  2. Locate the section for your Cisco Configuration. For the default location it should be [Default Location_CISCO_USERCONFIG].
  3. For every language in the system enter the required user locale.

[Default Location_CISCO_USERCONFIG]
101=US English

5.20.071 Released

  • [trivial][issue #108] Cisco UCM PBXLINK minimum interval lowered to 10 seconds.
  • [minor][issue #114] SIP Parser occasionally failed to interprete calls because error in script file.
  • [feature][issue #113] Serial number, version and installation date shown before windows login.
  • [feature][issue #110] Cisco UCM PBXLINK reduced amount of logging.
  • [minor][issue #118] No longer send name, DND or COS updates to Aeonix PBX on a room move.
  • [minor][issue #119] Fix to MovePhone support for Mitel.

5.20.069 Released

  • [feature][issue #106] Cisco UCM PBXLINK add ability to set idle url and timeout value (BETA). URL should equal http://IPADDRESS/cisco/clearcallhistory.xml with IPADDRESS equal to that of the DuVoice system.
  • [feature][issue #105] Cisco UCM PBXLINK set call forward to operator if DND enabled.
  • [feature][issue #98] Cisco UCM PBXLINK Set Directory Number Information fields.
  • [feature][issue #100] Cisco UCM PBXLINK add support for setting Calling Search Space for phone.
  • [feature][issue #101] Cisco UCM PBXLINK add support for setting Description for phone.
  • [minor][issue #103] Cisco UCM PBXLINK names cannot contain &.
  • [minor][issue #104] IP Office name change does not support unicode.
  • [feature][issue #109] Cisco UCM PBXLINK only change label for line 1 and no others.
  • Includes InnDesk 1.71.14

5.20.068 Released

  • For SIP systems this release REQUIRES Dialogic HMP SU360 or above.
  • [minor][issue #92] Press 1 to delete during message playback does not work.
  • [feature][issue #93] Old Database logs deleted after 24 hours.
  • [feature][issue #94] DuVoice and Dialogic service set to delayed start (30 sec) to resolve network issues during startup (new installs only).
  • [minor][issue #95] Installation of IP Office 9.1 support now prompts users to install .NET 4.0 on server edition.
  • [minor][issue #96] Added missing DLL for IP Office 6.0 support.
  • [minor][issue #97] Add support for ENQ over TCP.

Dialogic HMP 3.0 SU360 Released

SIP Systems Only

Dialogic has released a new update SU360. If the DuVoice system is running SU357 you are STRONGLY suggested to update the Dialogic drivers. This will be a requirement in future versions of DuVoice.

Dialogic SU360 resolves a severe issue (IPY00117456) described as “Missing events or API errors are seen at the application layer after 31 or more days of continuous operation. The issue may also manifest itself with errors being returned when executing API functions. Additionally, a dm3nk driver error would be observed in the Event Viewer”

Check Version Installed

You can check the version of Dialogic you have by running the Dialogic DCM in the Windows Start menu, Dialogic HMP | Configuration Manager – DCM. It will show the version installed in the SPLASH screen.

Existing SU357 Systems

Dialogic had previously released a patch to resolve IPY00117456, however if this patch was installed SU360 will fail to start with the following error in the Event Viewer under System.

General fault: MC_ERROR_DOWNLOAD_CP_RUNTIME: Failed to download Control Processor runtime Kernel
Board Number: 0
Instance: 0
Additional Data: Image Name = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dialogic\HMP\bin\cpload_ssp.exe " ,CmdLine = -b0 -p1 -f"C:\Program Files (x86)\Dialogic\HMP\data\ssp.mlm" -ds , ErrorCode = 31

To resolve this failure you must remove the file ssp.mlm.sys from your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS folder once SU357 has been uninstalled and prior to installing SU360.


  1. Download the latest version from here.
  2. Set the DuVoice to not auto start from Activity Monitor | Tools | Options.
  3. Uninstall Dialogic SU357.
  4. Delete C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ssp.mlm.sys if it exists.
  5. Reboot the system.
  6. Install SU360.
  7. Reboot the system.
  8. Activate the HMP license and configure HMP. These instructions can be found on the DuVoice desktop labelled Installation Guide.
  9. Start Dialogic
  10. Set the DuVoice to auto start from Activity Monitor | Tools | Options.
  11. Start the DuVoice.