Software Support Warranty

Annual support and warranty agreements are available from DuVoice. Contact you reseller or DuVoice representative for more information.

Software Support

  • Installation technicians and end users receive unlimited technical support from DuVoice for the system.
  • Technicians and End Users have access to all pre-recorded and scheduled live web-based training from DuVoice.
  • Systems covered by the software support are eligible for upgrades to the latest software as it is released.

Hardware Warranty

  • The hardware warranty covers failures and defects in DuVoice supplied hardware and software for 12 months.
  • Parts Availability DuVoice maintains an inventory of replacement components for all systems eligible for coverage under this plan.
  • Advanced Replacement Once DuVoice technicians have identified a hardware problem, we will ship the replacement part directly to the site.

Extended Support Warranty

The Extended Hardware Warranty continues the initial 12 month warranty covering failures and defects in DuVoice supplied hardware and software. Annual End User cost starts at 5% of MSRP per year.

Parts Availability DuVoice maintains an inventory of replacement components for all systems eligible for coverage under this plan.

Advanced Replacement Once DuVoice technicians have identified a hardware problem, we will ship the replacement part directly to the site.


5.20.066 Released

  • [minor][issue #84] PMS Translations not working
  • [major][issue #83] IP Office 9.1 Support
  • [minor][issue #81] Add StarRez to PMS protocol selection box
  • [feature][issue #82] Service now logs to eventviewer if system is rebooted or shutdown.
  • [trivial][issue #80] InnDesk / DuVoice IP Port changed to 10020 and 10021 to reduce conflicts with ephemeral ports.
  • [feature][issue #77] Outside numbers with dashes are now read correctly for SIP integration.
  • [feature][issue #78] Add ‘Welcome to VM’ prompt to play at login for guest mailboxes. These are managed via InnDesk.
  • [trivial][issue #76] Source is reported as “Guest User: [inndesk user]” when guest cancels wakeup call created by InnDesk.
  • Includes InnDesk 1.71.013

Switching PBX

If you have an existing DuVoice system and your simply switching your PBX, simply run SETUP.EXE located in the C:\DUVOICE folder. See the DuVoice manual Setup Wizard under Quick Setup for more information.

It is not recommended to simply change the PBX template. Running SETUP will guide you through the configuration.

Additional checks:

  • Verify the method for all your existing MWI templates.
  • Verify your trunk access code in your locations.
  • Verify any settings under Connectors located in System Configuration.

Don’t Click on Windows 10 Upgrade

If you upgrade any DuVoice system to Windows 10, nothing will work, and DuVoice does not offer support for any Windows 10 system.

The only solution is to either remove the Windows 10 upgrade button or wait until DuVoice 6.00 which currently has no release date.

How to disable Windows 10 upgrade button.

5.20.065 Released

  • [feature][issue #53] Support enhanced ACM protocol.
  • [feature][issue #54] TraceDisplay now shows log description and filename for log window title rather than filename only.
  • [minor][issue #71] Change windows ephemeral TCP port range to start at 49409 on Win7 to resolve RTP conflicts with HMP and windows (requires reboot).
  • [major][issue #73] ComPort thread gets stuck waiting for ACK.
  • [minor][issue #70] Support version 3 of SMS protocol for Princess Cruises.
  • [major][issue #69] TCP port collision between RTStatus and ACMSRVR.
  • [trivial][issue #64] Period is no longer used as replacement for number in IP Office name change.
  • [minor][issue #51] Reqeust for changes via TAPI interface cause TAPI server to refresh extensions.
  • [trivial][issue #59] Log entry for sending multiple emails does not show addresses which server rejects.
  • [trivial][issue #60] Activity log shows Wakeup scheduled for wakeup canceled. Detail information is correct however.
  • [trivial][issue #57] Activity report does not show who performed check in/out.
  • [trivial][issue #56] No longer add VIP as part of the name when not a VIP.
  • [minor][issue #52] Unable to turn off forward all on IP Office when used for DND setting.
  • [trivial][issue #50] IVR only lines cannot perform any outgoing calls.
  • Includes InnDesk 1.71.12.

InnDesk 1.71.12 Released

  • [feature][issue #66] Added message tab in group management showing number of messages.
  • [feature][issue #67] Group tab now defaults view to Members list rather than Owner Settings.
  • [feature][issue #68] Added number search in addition to room selection via dropdown.
  • [minor][issue #65] Summary in category report does show proper itemization.
  • [trivial][issue #61] Creating wakeup call in the past does not show error.
  • [minor][issue #62] Activity report does not sort correctly because of AM/PM use. Changed to 24 hour format. has been updated to reflect these changes for review.

5.20.063 Released

  • [trivial][issue #44] Mitel 3300 MWI is too fast for some PBX’s. New SIPMWIRingDelay override added.
  • [feature][issue #45] Install now calls database sync in order to remove non-printable and unicode characters from database which can cause InnDesk problems.
  • [trivial][issue #46] Update All button updates all rooms with first mailbox in list rather their own information.
  • Includes InnDesk 1.71.10

InnDesk 1.71.10 Released

Note: The default group mailbox management screen has changed to help performance on large systems. It is possible to revert to original version via settings by enabling ‘Show all rooms in groups’.

  • [feature][issue #38] InnDesk maintenance added to windows task scheduler
  • [feature][issue #40] Hide non-group mailbox members by default for better performance. This is now the new default and can be disabled in settings
  • [feature][issue #42] Support for blocking administration menu for users not in admin group
  • [feature][issue #43] Support for disabling check in/out but allow users in ‘admin’ or ‘manager’ group to still have access
  • [feature][issue #41] Settings dialog improved for readability
  • [minor][issue #39] No longer force room caching because of possible performance issues
  • [feature][issue #37] Compact database during install for improved performance

5.20.062 Released

  • [major] Possible infinite loop in guest based directory look up if guest is in multiple rooms [issue #32]
  • [minor] Mitel SIP Integration not using IP address during registration when REALM specified [issue #34]
  • [minor] PMS adding unicode characters to first and last names which are not compatible [issue #35]
  • [trivial] Rooms added to group via InnDesk do not receive message already in group mailbox [issue #36]