Software Support Warranty

DuVoice messaging systems come with 90 days of technical support & upgrades and a twelve month hardware warranty. Additional annual support and warranty agreements are available from DuVoice. Contact you reseller or DuVoice representative for more information.

Software Support

  • Installation technicians and end users receive unlimited technical support from DuVoice for the system
  • Technicians and End Users have access to all pre-recorded and scheduled live web-based training from DuVoice
  • Systems covered by the software support are eligible for upgrades to the latest software as it is released

Hardware Warranty

  • The hardware warranty covers failures and defects in DuVoice supplied hardware and software for 12 months
  • Parts Availability DuVoice maintains an inventory of replacement components for all systems eligible for coverage under this plan.
  • Advanced Replacement Once DuVoice technicians have identified a hardware problem, we will ship the replacement part directly to the site.

Extended Support Warranty

The Extended Hardware Warranty continues the initial 12 month warranty covering failures and defects in DuVoice supplied hardware and software. Annual End User cost starts at 5% of MSRP per year.

Parts Availability DuVoice maintains an inventory of replacement components for all systems eligible for coverage under this plan.

Advanced Replacement Once DuVoice technicians have identified a hardware problem, we will ship the replacement part directly to the site.


5.20.042 Released

  • PMS pass-through for ACM/Mitel/Nortel/NEC now uses the MWI address fields, instead of the extension field, to support updating multiple extensions per mailbox.
  • Resolved an issue where subscriber presses 5 to pause and then resume message playback and the system would immediately try to forward the message after playback finished.
  • Resolved an issue where system would log failure to PMS Monitor after sending a group change to the Panasonic even though it actually succeeded.
  • EAS can now be enabled without configuring Push Server.
  • Added support to block inventory entry for checked out rooms.

Change deleted message retention time

By default the system will permanently delete any message in the deleted queue 24 hours from the time the user deleted the message.

If you would like to either extend or reduce this time period it can be done by creating a registry entry.

  1. Create a new DWORD value under HKLM\SOFTWARE\DuVoice\SERVER and name it DeleteWait.
  2. Give it a value in minutes.  The internal default value is 1440 which is 24 hours.


  • This value cannot be less than 1.
  • This value can be changed at any time without the system being restarted.
  • Changing this value will not effect those messages already scheduled for deletion.

5.20.040 Released

  • Increased wait times for user entries in TUI for inventory system.
  • Resolved an issue with TAPI MWI’s, where the server could become unresponsive.
  • Resolved a display issue when mailbox names contain commas in DVReport.
  • Resolved a issue with backup not including empty folders.
  • Improved setup wizard for UNIVERGE 3C
  • Manual updated to include Backup and Restore information.

5.20.039 Released

  • Removed initial posting delay for inventory and room status interfaces.
  • Added support for multiple failed wakeup notification templates.
  • Resolved an issue where system mailbox could not be created because of a password length problem.

5.20.037 Released

  • Resolves an issue broken in 5.20.036 which would not allow users of InnDesk to edit guest rooms settings.
  • Fixed issue in Hostel serial connection to drop a packet if it takes to long to receive.

OpenDNS cannot resolve localhost

If you are using OpenDNS as your DNS, InnDesk and other DuVoice services may not work. This is because OpenDNS does not return when an application queries the DNS name localhost.

There are two ways to resolve this issue, one change your DNS server. Second is to edit the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\hosts file and uncomment the lines for and ::1 by removing the pound sign and all leading spaces.

Battling Credit Card Fraud in Hospitality Applications

The issue

Hoteliers face a never-ending battle with credit card thieves.  A common ploy is for the thief to call a guest room posing as front desk staff and request that the guest confirm credit card information.  Repeated calls through the receptionist are a recognized red flag, so the thief must find a way to access guest rooms unassisted using house phones, automated attendant, and transfer from voice mail.

The Solution

  • Automated Attendant: The next avenue for the thief is to place calls to guest rooms through the automated attendant. With the DuVoice system it is a simple matter to block direct dialing to the guest room through the automated attendant. Depending on dial plan, you can either limit leading digits that are allowed for extension dialing, or guests and the automated attendant can be placed in separate non-shared locations.
  • House Phones: Replace hotel house phones with dial-less ‘ringdown’ instruments that automatically call the hotel receptionist and cannot be used to call a guest room directly.

Thieves also attempt to call guest rooms by calling an un-occupied staff telephone, forwarding to voice mail greeting of that extension, and then using transfer features out of that mailbox to reach guest rooms one after the other.  There are several ways to configure DuVoice to defeat them.

  • Dial Plan: Create a dial plan where guest rooms have a different leading digit than staff extensions.  Edit the Single Digit Action (SDA) used by staff telephones such that that leading digit is not allowed to dial an extension.
  • Staff Mailboxes: In DuVoice programming, assign a COS to staff telephones that is in a different location than that of the guest telephones and make those locations not shared.
  • Staff Mailboxes:  In DuVoice programming, disable extension dialing altogether from SDAs used on staff telephones.

Using any or all of these strategies will help defeat credit card fraud criminals in their attempts to use the telephone system to defraud guests.

Download this as a PDF: Battling Credit Card Fraud in Hospitality (5)

5.20.036 Released

  • Resolved an issue with InnDesk 1.7 and guest names which contained characters higher than 126 decimal.
  • Moved backup shortcut to Utilities.
  • Resolved an issue with restore not removing existing folders prior to restore.